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Video Production

& Editing

    While closely collaborating with our clients, we combine video clips, accompanying musical selections, photos, graphics, text, etc., to create uniquely  personal projects.

       Below are a few examples of a video memoir, a short subject clip, and 8mm film converted to a digital video media.

 Video Examples


'The One Train'



Video Clip of a Very Special Birthday



Multi-Media Transfer & Editing

We can transfer VHS-Video / 8mm-Super 8 Film reels onto either DVD Video CD or Flash Drive media.

We can also transfer your prized and most likely out-of-print, LP's, 45's, and cassette tapes onto professionally reproduced CD's.

CD's/DVD's are tracked, labeled and packaged in Slim-Line jewel cases.


Below is an example of a 40 year old 8mm film transferred to digital media



Graphics and Print

Curve Creative Media can create stunning graphic design work suitable for web-based and print media use.

Below are examples of a few projects


For more info, please drop us an email or call 704-579-0113 and tell us about your project...we'll be glad to create with you.


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